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    We love our products, and know that you will too. Not only are we passionate about all natural charcoal products, we are passionate about giving back to others. We want to see people around the world living their best life with a healthy and beautiful smile. 

    That is why for every purchase, we will be donating $1 to Global Dental Relief. We want to help contribute to free dental care for impoverished children across the globe! 

    Global Dental Relief is a non profit organization founded in 2001 in Denver, Colorado. GDR is transforming lives through their volunteer program that provides free dental care and oral hygiene education to thousands of impoverished children in Nepal, India, Guatemala, Kenya and Cambodia! 

    What we love about Global Dental Relief is that they take the time to build lasting relationships in the communities in which they work, and make it a priority to come back year after year to follow up with the families to ensure their oral health is maintained. 

    When we first contacted Global Dental Relief to learn more about their organization, we could sense how dedicated the board members were to making a difference. After they told us their story, how they have impacted the lives of children around the world and their vision for the future, we knew that we wanted to contribute. 

    Donating to an organization that is made up of kind, hard working and committed individuals like at Global Dental Relief gives us hope for so many children and families that will be positively impacted. Their passion for helping others is a value that both Global Dental Relief and The Charcoal Spa share. 

    Global Dental Relief has helped over 140,000 children and we are making it our mission to help over 140,000 more!

    When you purchase from The Charcoal Spa, you are helping to improve a life!

    Learn more about Global Dental Relief by clicking below!